l'art du repoussé

« Hone your work carefully; spare no effort »

The art of « Repoussé »

The art of repoussé is disappearing, even in Europe where the cultural and artistic tradition is nevertheless very lively, which gives the exhibition of the works that we present to the public a unique and exceptional character. We create artistic and everyday objects from a material, copper, which is one of the natural resources of Quebec and Canada.

Each object starts from an idea, which first takes the form of a drawing. Then traced on a copper sheet and finally embossed with the help of fine special tools. We use a cushion placed under the metal sheet, able to absorb and support the relief that takes shape little by little. This work requires patience, meticulousness, and skill, especially since one must learn to see one's work in reverse. Learning and mastering such a discipline are long and arduous, which perhaps explains its slow demise.

To accentuate the relief of our works, we use a patina that oxidizes copper to give more relief to the patterns. Our creations are then varnished to prevent oxidation.

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« Our primary know-how is the art of Repoussé. An art craft in itself! However, throughout our history, we have appropriated other metalworking techniques to sublimate copper differently. Hammering, cold-enameling, or baked enamel, goldsmithing and engraving are for us various ways to work with metal and create rich and diverse shapes, textures, styles and uses. Learning that is always evolving and an inexhaustible source of inspiration! »

Diane Gilles
Diane Gilles

Born in 1967, the youngest of 7 children, she became interested in drawing at the age of 9. In her early days, she reproduced naïve, abstract drawings and drawings by her father. She explored different mediums: pastels, gouache, and Indian ink.

She discovered an interest in enamel, the rudiments of which she learned with her father's 1st wife. It was while watching her father work, at the age of 11, that Diane was introduced to the rudiments of the technique of Repoussé on copper. These first pieces represent young children, fish, landscapes.

She draws her inspiration from nature, from books devoted to Art and drawing. Always looking to improve and innovate, Diane perfects herself by taking classes so that she can incorporate other metals into her jewelry, enamel, and repoussé collection.

Sophie Gilles-Gagnon
Sophie Gilles-Gagnon

Very inspired by nature and all the forms that surround her, Sophie is the youngest artist in the family. She appreciates the creation of asymmetrical shapes that bring richness and originality to her jewelry.

She adds novelty to the jewelry collection with her creations of enameled copper wire. Inspired by pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, she combines copper with pearl, amethyst, and jade. Handmade, her jewelry is unique and distinctive.

Eager to perfect her art and expand her knowledge, Sophie takes classes to learn how to work on different metals using various techniques. She perfected her skills in enamel on copper and in the creation of silver jewelry.

Initiated to the technic of Repoussé by her aunt Diane, Sophie now makes creations in repoussé on copper. Watch for her signature on our creations (SGG).

Bernadette Mélao Gilles
Bernadette Mélao Gilles

Born in France, the 3rd wife of artist Albert Gilles arrived in Canada in 1953. Very quickly, she was put to work in the workshop by her husband. At the time, he was finishing the decoration of a church in Montego Bay, Jamaica. To advance the work, and despite her inexperience in the matter, he asked her to enamel a painting of the Way of the Cross ... and since then she has made superb, enameled paintings.

Her originality and sense of color are expressed in each of the works she paints. By marrying colors in a different way for each model, she creates bright and current decorations.

When her husband died, she took over the running and managing of the company, and the perpetuity of our family tradition. She continues to infuse dynamism, rigor, and creativity to the entire team.

Palmyre Gilles
Palmyre Gilles

From the age of 10 she helped her family to serve customers, and give change, but also pack, sweep, because everything is not glamorous ...... Family business obliges.

But it was from 1979, at the death of her father, Albert Gilles, and especially 1981 that she actively participated in the daily life of the company. She tamed all its facets and was introduced to its operation and administration: From production and creation to the sales network.

For 40 years she has been actively involved in marketing, managing the company and its involvement in the tourism industry. Her dynamism has led to renewal and innovation in the company's offer, a diversification of its target markets and an increase in its traffic.

Passion and heart still define how she feels about what she does, for her family and for the family business.

Marie-Lisane Tremblay
Marie-Lisane Tremblay

Marie-Lisane has been part of the Cuivres d'Art team for more than 25 years. Being familiar with many of the copper working techniques, she uses this vector of artistic expression to exploit her creativity.

Inspired by the material, its different characteristics and the different existing methods to work with it, she mainly creates innovative and eclectic pieces with a view to developing new products, new working techniques or new currents. Her approach is mainly focused on the search for coherence between albert Gilles' work, the currents that inspired him and future creations. She tries to find vectors of creation related to copper that will continue to represent the work of Albert Gilles, while touching on today’s art currents.