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We will be happy to share our history, our know-how and passion.

Authentic, cultural, and local, the ideal stop for your groups, between the Montmorency Falls and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne de Beaupré, where many of our creations are found. (Doors, tabernacles...).

Combine culture, fun activity, and history to your itineraries. An exclusive and original cultural experience for adults and students alike.

Guided tour, demonstration of our work of repoussé and interactive workshop will make their discovery unique.

  • Two museums on the origin of copper and its uses around the world.
  • Partial view of our workshop, our creative techniques, and our family history.
  • Experience our art: Immersive initiation with our copper workshop. (Rate on request)
  • Teatime to mix the useful with the pleasurable. (Rate on request)

Visite guidé
Visite guidé
Copper workshop

On a 3-inch by 3-inch copper sheet, they will create an artwork with their drawing or those we provide them. After our demonstration of the steps to follow, they will be ready to realize their work of art!

Enjoy a « Canelé cake »!

This delicious treat from the city of Bordeaux in France, has this peculiarity that it is cooked in a copper mold.  Offered with tea or coffee.

Visite guidé

To plan your itineraries

  • Free entrance and guided tour
  • «Repoussé» workshop and Teatime (price on request)
  • Capacity to receive multiple groups at once
  • Free parking for your buses
  • Duration of the visit: from 30 minutes to 1 hour. (We adjust our guided tour to your needs)
  • Flexible opening and closing hours on request for groups